Orphan Squad


Orphan squadish 01

Khell’s nickname for the small army of little girls that have recently come under the collective care of Winter and the crew. Krayt found them in Zidane’s possession, and for reasons he has yet to disclose, absconded with them to Nar Shadda. At first, Krayt seemed only interested in ridding himself of them – he since changed his tune, and claims to be interested in the continued defense of the girls.

The Squad consists of thirty-one girls ranging in age from eight to twelve, made up almost exclusively of human and twi’leks. They have mostly concerned themselves with being adorable, and trying to find the bathroom.

Of particular note are two girls, calling themselves Tyrie and Morsie – the latter being the poor unfortunate girl found frozen in carbonite during the events of Episode One. The quirky – if somewhat gruff – holy man Dange Zelnoa has taken these two under his wing, and they seem to have taken to him.

Still, the Orphan Squad remains a testament to the sheer chaotic power of little girls en masse.

As one onlooker asked; “Is there any peaceful solution that won’t be obliterated by the presence of that many little girls?”

Orphan Squad

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