• Catri Sage

    Catri Sage

    A medic who grew up helping her mechanic father in his shop, if something is broken -whether it be a ship, a droid, or a person- Catri will fix it.
  • Dange Zelnoa - Darth Ploro

    Dange Zelnoa - Darth Ploro

    A Zabrak wielder of the dark side, one-time murderer-turned-Ashwalker, now Ashwalker-turned-Dark-Lord.
  • Sekua'lask


    Smuggler, pilot and possibly destined for great things. Coming to a spaceport near you!
  • Aida Bilal Bomani

    Aida Bilal Bomani

    Is this a problem that can't be solved by pointing my blaster at it? Fine, I'll point the other one too.
  • Arla


    a precoicious, organized Twi'lek child who has decided to pursue a career in medicine
  • Atronis


    Well-informed arms dealer
  • Balthazar


    Intergalactic Middleman
  • Bree Jokar

    Bree Jokar

    Little lost puppy.
  • Captain Murder

    Captain Murder

    Leader of The Murder Club. Utterly tasteless. Beholden to no one's rules.
  • Corrin Vel

    Corrin Vel

    the Sage Twins' childhood best friend...need I say more?
  • CuK1 Alpha

    CuK1 Alpha

    Multi-purpose "protocol" droid. More efficiant than most lazy sacks of water/meat.
  • CuK1 Prime

    CuK1 Prime

    The actual new owner of the Sexy Rancor, champion of Droid independence, and maker of Nar Shadda's best martini.
  • Dante Organa/Infurnace

    Dante Organa/Infurnace

    He's less chaotic but will still kill you if you tick him off
  • Daphne Talon-Eshka'Jeg

    Daphne Talon-Eshka'Jeg

    The kid did good, grew up right. Tricky, when you're raised by a Smuggler and a Sith Assassin.
  • Denton Sage

    Denton Sage

    One-half of the Sage twins, Denton is one who's not a spider. He has other traits too!
  • Emperor Draco Fel

    Emperor Draco Fel

    Third Emporer of the Fel Dynasty. Kinda young, and scruffy-looking,
  • Fxz'Et


    It's pronounced... I guess "zix - set" is as close as we're going to get. It's okay! I'm Flexible!
  • Grenn Idore

    Grenn Idore

    It's always the quiet ones...
  • Gwynn


    I'm paying attention...really...Ooooo, what's that?
  • Harlan


    Son of Zelta and... oh geez. Many rows of fine, sharp teeth.


    Prototype cloud storage droid.
  • Jherek Kwahad

    Jherek Kwahad

    Yuzhan Vong shaper found on Constancia
  • Julius Min

    Julius Min

    Ashwalker-trained Mandalorian warrior par excellence.
  • Kadj Drellus

    Kadj Drellus

    Down-on-his-luck Merc; currently in Sari's lab
  • Keelah Xok

    Keelah Xok

    Bashful, determined, patriotic and adorable. A fine representative of the Nyriaani government. Wait, she's a WHAT?!?!
  • Kes'tri'nuruodo (Trin)

    Kes'tri'nuruodo (Trin)

    a Chiss diplomat who ran away from home to join the New Jedi Order.
  • Ketannia the Gray

    Ketannia the Gray

    Four-armed Champion of Balance
  • Khelljammer


    Oh, that ship's a character all right. That is to say, she has character. That is to say - she's several hunks of junk slapped together run by a hodgepodge AI that's slowly gaining sentience. And usually piloted under the influnce.
  • Knight Sunrider

    Knight Sunrider

    There is no passion, there is serenity, there is no passion, there is serenity, there is no.... eh, frak it.
  • Krayt


    Driven to the brink of madness, through insanity and out the other side. What answers remain for a Chiss without the Ascendancy?
  • Lar'Kelen Kos (Larke)

    Lar'Kelen Kos (Larke)

    Togruta youth gifted in the use of the Force to enhance physical abilities - but unable to use it externally.
  • Luke Shai

    Luke Shai

    Nyrianni Yuzhan Vong, currently working as a researach assistant
  • Mandalore the Liberator

    Mandalore the Liberator

    Leader of the Mandalorians, and intergalactic badass.
  • Master Shanxi

    Master Shanxi

    Diminutive Avian Jedi Master. Well, you don't see *that* every day.
  • Mehkket Sol

    Mehkket Sol

    Retired Alliance General turned diplomat. Trying to keep the galaxy from tearing itself apart - your mileage may vary.
  • Montane


    A world-weary Duros with a grim sense of humor, running a no-questions-asked clinic operating out of Nar Shadaa's Zapfino Ward.
  • Mors


    All hail the true queen of the Sith. Or don't, really: she's less with the hailing than most.
  • Nei Rin

    Nei Rin

    Nyrianni Yuzhan Vong, working dilligently on a way to reverse the Vong Terraforming
  • Neshta Rapuung

    Neshta Rapuung

    Descendent of the first Jeedai Heretic, bodyguard to Nei Rin
  • Orion Sage

    Orion Sage

    Just an average kid. Well, average for a Mandalorian. Well, average for a Mandalorian who flies massive starships at age 14...
  • Qel D’kosh

    Qel D’kosh

    Quarren Jedi-in-training; apprenticed to Sunrider, trying not to die.
  • Queen Jool the Hutt

    Queen Jool the Hutt

    The sexiest of all Hutts, whether or not that's a good thing.
  • Seesha


    Mon Cal Smuggler
  • Seth Sage

    Seth Sage

    One-half of the Sage twins, Seth is the creepy-looking, mechanical spider one.
  • Sloggoth the Hutt

    Sloggoth the Hutt

  • T07-ST "Toast"

    T07-ST "Toast"

    Culinary/utility droid. Speaks in breakfast food-based metaphors
  • Tereez Eshka'Jeg

    Tereez Eshka'Jeg

    NOT a puppy. Big serious Navigator. Hacker. Sith, even. (Not a puppy)
  • Tyrisia


    She's pretty much a starry-eyed dreamer; minus the eyes.
  • Uriel Sage

    Uriel Sage

    Grizzled old mechanic, former spacer (pirate?) and individual presumably responsible for all those damn Sage kids.
  • Winter Khell

    Winter Khell

    From starship captain to sad drunk, and back again. Well, maybe not *all* the way back.
  • Wyn’tesh Zun-qin

    Wyn’tesh Zun-qin

    Yuzhan Vong Shaper, creator of the Vong Bioseeds
  • Zax Rondo

    Zax Rondo

    Resourceful spacer, living life one step ahead of... pretty much everybody.
  • Zelta


    Yuuzhan Vong teenage mother
  • Zidane


    Twi'lek Pirate: steals from the rich, and gives to himself.