Star Wars: The Legacy of Some Other Guys

Episode One

Some mercs, and 31 children walk into a bar. I guess, stop me if you've heard this one?

It started out as a pretty normal day on Nar Shadda. Underhanded deals were made, chaos and disorder were the norm. Drifters, mercs, and bounty hunters moved throughout Zapfino Ward, hustlers tried to scam any/everyone; the Sage siblings were up to their ears in trouble, and Winter Khell had passed out on the bar.

Pretty benign, all told.

All that changed, when a modified Chiss shuttle arrived at the docks, using a landing signature belonging to the pirate, Zidane, who was nowhere to be found. He had however, messaged no shortage of former crew, trying to have his cargo looked after until he could get his way out of whatever mess he was in at the moment. As such, a rather motley bunch had gathered around the docking of this shuttle; some were working, others just happened to be in the neighborhood – heck, some just wanted the chance to see a Chiss with their own eyes.

And some had their own reasons, which they felt no need to disclose.

To everyone’s surprise, as the Chiss (one Krayt as it turns out) made his way down the docking ramp, he was soon swarmed by a deluge of little girls, also leaving the shuttle, and only sort of listening to his instructions to behave in an orderly fashion.

The young woman hired to look after Zidane’s “Cargo” was less than thrilled. In all, there were thirty such girls, ranging from eight to twelve years old, both human and twi’lek. Also, a human or near-human looking girl, who could probably pass for normal if not for the fact that she had no eyes, just empty sockets.

Which is every bit as unsettling as you might think.

This little girl, who called herself Tyri, seemed to be able to ‘see’ to some degree, and stumbled over to the traveling holy man, and awkwardly asked him if he’d seen her friend.

Her friend, as it turns out, was someone she’d only dreamed about – but was pretty sure had come there with them. There was a concentrated effort by the gathered crowd – at this point consisting of Krayt, Dange, the young med student Catri Sage, and a local kid named Dante who’d been playing cards with one of the dock guards. After some consternation, they discovered a smuggling compartment.

Inside, were 19 packets of spice, a sculpture and painting of questionable taste but remarkable workmanship – and a macabre piece that resembled nothing so much as a frightened girl, frozen stiff, clutching a fuzzy little stuffed Teddy Ewok.

Some experimentation later, and the wall art was discovered to indeed be a living being, frozen in carbonite. She was promptly freed, and, to be blunt, freaked the hell out. She began crying uncontrollably, and asking for her mommy – which, in fairness, is about what one might expect. The girl had something resembling vestigial horns, pink skin, and slender tendrils coming from her cheekbones. She said her name was Mors.

The curious scene was interrupted by a local gang of thugs, led by the Mandalorian, Franco. Ten individuals showed up, heavily armed and wearing Mandalorian armor – or something rather like it, at any rate. Expecting to engage in a strong-arm robbery with some confused spacers who didn’t really want thirty-odd young slaves, and a stash of narcotics, they attempted to initiate an assault.

This went really, really poorly for them.

After some completely unexpected skill, and some fortuitous explosions, Franco had been quite literally blown in two. The remainders of his gang were not, in fact, Mandalorians; as was evidenced by their swift surrender.

The group headed towards The Sexy Rancor, and found an almost-sober Winter Khell. After some deliberation regarding just who was looking after these children, our group (which had picked up a few new members during this process) agreed on working together; additionally, in the need for everybody to get the hell offworld.

In an unexpected turn of events, Uriel Sage presents some news: Khell’s ship is ready to fly, and in fact, has been so for a decade.

People are mostly just surprised that she, in fact, was ever anything other than drunk.

Preparations are made. The beginnings of a crew are assembled. The saga begins. (The GM goes to sleep)


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