Chronicling the ongoing adventures of a slapped-together freighter, her drunkard captain and the rag-tag crew who’ve somehow managed to forever alter the course of galactic history – sometimes with good reason, and sometimes…

Well, people should invest in catastrophe insurance. It’s there for a reason.

There comes a time when you wonder whether it’s bad luck, or The Force that guides your path. This is the story of people who’ve asked that question, and come out the other side, to where the difference becomes semantic, where if there truly is an unseen hand guiding all things, it’s probably flipping you off.

These are the voyages of the Khelljammer SR-1. Its continuing mission: to explore strange worlds, to seek out night life and wealthy civilizations, to boldly go where other people have already charted the maps – and make credits hand over fist; hopefully without leaving the galaxy any worse than they found it.

Chewy comission fur on fur by gamefan84

Will you be as awesome as this? Probably not. It’s ok, neither will anyone else.

Also, CHECK THE WIKI, especially the Campaign Setting, and the Season Two Primer

There’s a wealth of material already in here, but remember – anybody can edit this, so feel free to add characters, locations, invent new religions for the expressed purpose of your character almost getting along with them.

May the Force be… eh, frak it: try not to die.

Star Wars: The Legacy of Some Other Guys

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