Vong Purge

On an asteroid labled Rodo 42, the Mandalorian Splinter Clans – Khell, Sage and Coto – led an assault on a group of Yuzhan Vong terrorists that the galaxy at large assumed weren’t actually there.

The Vong Seperatists, led by the priest Sheedo Yo’Gand and backed by the powerful shaper Wyn’tesh Zun-qin, managed to fight the Mandalorian forces to a standstill, using the terraforming bioseeds that Zun-quin had been developing near the end of the Yuzhan Vong war.

The conflict ended when following the live broadcast of Admiral Khell’s death, his then-15-year-old daughter put on his helmet, rallied the remnants of the fleet for a suicide run, and crashed the flagship into the asteroid, demolishing… pretty much everything.

All in all, nobody really had a good day.

Vong Purge

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