Season Two Primer


Some Banthapoo went down.

Crazy stuff, man. The re-emergence of two lost Mandalorian clans – the Sage & Khell – kicked off a series of events that led to a Dathomirian civil war, a schism in the Jedi order, the re-appearance of the Yuhzan Vong as a political force on Nyriaan and the throne of the Sith being handed to a six-year old girl; all while the galaxy spiraled toward inevitable conflict.

All this culminated at the first pan-galactic summit – the dream of retired Galactic Alliance general Mekkhet Sol – which erupted into a cataclysm of fire, mistrust, and a battle for dominion over the Sith.

Walking ironically from the ashes was Dange Zelnoa – the returning Darth Ploro – stepping forward to become steward of the Sith while Lady Mors, a genetic Sith, bastard daughter of Ulic Kel-Droma, and legacy of a near-forgotten era – prepared to take her rightful place on the throne.

At the heart of these events was the crew of the Free Trader vessel Khelljammer SR-1; the unlikely nexus of events that shook the galaxy to its very core.

It is ten years after the Pan-Galactic Summit. As the galaxy rages in territorial conflict, the Khelljammer and her crew both new and old once again find themselves at center of events that will shape the course of galactic civilization…

In other news, I am not nearly drunk enough for this.

~Admiral Winter Khell, private log; 121 ABY

Season Two Primer

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