Point Nadir

Halycon 5150, often referred to as “The White Queen” is a stellar phenomena that’s been on record since the days of the Old Republic. Its elliptical course stretches for several light years, and has a base composition that seems to be a mixture of gypsum, granite, and base ores such as tin, iron and lead.

And Ice! All kinds of ice. Hence the name.

It’s been theorized that there might also be trace amounts of Madilon in its core, given the fact that the queen travels at barely sub-hyperspace velocity, and has proven fairly difficult to get a bead on via traditional sensors.

Having said that, trying to set up mining operations on the thing is crazy enough that no one’s ever mounted a successful expedition; or if they have, they’ve kept quiet.

Krayt listed it as the Rakatans base of operations – the galaxy’s most elusive shadowport; a smuggler’s haven to rule them all.

Krayt was crazy. But the possibility has not been discounted.

He called it “Point Nadir.”

Point Nadir

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