Nar Shadda

Often called “The Smuggler’s Moon,” Nar Shadda has had a long and storied history. The largest moon orbiting the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta, the native population was driven out so that the conquering Hutts could use it as a base of operations.

The Hutt Consortium got to feel what this was like when the Yuzhan Vong bombed the crap out of it in 26 ABY. Some hostile terraforming later, and the Smuggler’s moon was an unrecognizable wasteland.

Today, with the Vong invasion a fading memory, much of the surface has been rebuilt, and for the major urban centers, one might never know that unstable, alien biotechnology still covers much of the moon, in sprawling, uncharted wastelands. Uncharted, because the people who get it in their head to chart them keep disappearing.

Still, it’s a place of opportunity for anyone and everyone. The Smuggler’s Moon is a haven not just for pirates and thieves, but for any sentient willing and/or able to make their way. The very definition of a free market, any sentient being can engage in any manner of work to make a living. If someone will pay for it, you can charge for it, period.

For those looking to start over, or for under-represented alien species, this is one of the few places where they have as much a chance as anybody. Additionally, the lack of laws and regulations make Nar Shadda an unacknowledged paradise for any kind of research and development one might need to do.

No regulations + no paperwork + no one telling you the tests are inhumane = fantastic new discoveries. Though you’d be hard pressed to find any corporation that would cop to it on-record, a high percentage of the cutting edge technology coming out today was born in Nar Shadda.

Nar Shadda

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