Catri's Mail

From: Catri Sage
Subject: Request for Patient Information


I need all the information you can send me about a nerf brained mercenary who drifted through the clinic a couple of weeks back. He says he was patient number 8573453, and I don’t think he has any reason to lie about it at this point in his sorry existence. We ran into him while we were trying to deal with a Doom Vine outbreak on Constancia (long story for another time), and it appears a shaper got hold of him a few years back and implanted him with some Vong tech. Before you ask, no, it’s not THAT kind of Vong tech and yes I’m fairly sure. And no, you’re right, I don’t know what I’m doing and I shouldn’t poke around with Vong Tech on my own like some Di’kut kid with a death wish. I’m not poking around with Vong Tech. We picked up a Dathomiri who is apparently a real expert on the Vong to help us with the Doom Vines and she’s poking around with the Vong tech in a cargo bay the boys turned into a lab for her.

Anyway, he was probably just getting a few blaster burns patched up, but I’m sure Zippy took extensive full body scans and some blood and tissue samples which you promptly ignored. Someone really needs to convince that droid that she doesn’t work in a fracking Republic Military base anymore. Anyway, her unwavering adherence to protocol may pay off this time because I need you to examine the samples closely and give me your opinion about the results. I’ve attached a file with all the information I know about him so far and the tests I need you to run. I’ll keep you posted.

Love you and miss you.


Catri's Mail

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