Campaign Setting

Welcome back to the stage of history general information/setting page. Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan, or know absolutely nothing about the setting – that’s ok! What we’re aiming to do here, is have some interesting, fun exploits in a space-faring sci-fi universe.

The setting takes place in a time period in which there is no Star Wars fiction – and I frankly don’t intend to pay much (or any) attention to things like series canon. Technically, there’s a comic book series that happens around this time – but we’re going to ignore that, because quite frankly, no one should trust this crew not to blow up the galaxy.


Theoretically, this campaign will follow the exploits of a rag-tag starship crew, much like in Joss Wheedon’s Firefly, which you also don’t need to know anything about. Having said that, one of the big strengths of role playing games is freedom and flexibility – so really, this will be a story about whatever you make it about. I guess that means it’s about you!

Hooray for you.

Anyway, what follows is really all the setting information you need to know:

In the galactic year 111 ABY (that is, After the Battle of Yevin, notable for the destruction of the first Death Star) the galaxy was essentially divided between two major factions: The Galactic Alliance, which is a group of affiliated peer-polity sovereign nations (think Space U.N. and you’re more than halfway there) and the Fel Empire (often just called The Empire) which is a more traditional expansionist state model (think the British, Roman, or Mayan Empires in their heydays.)

It had been about 70 years since the last big galactic conflict – the Yuzhan Vong war, in which freaky aliens with disturbing bio-tech came from beyond the Outer Rim (unexplored regions of space) and pretty much wiped the floor with everybody in the galaxy. Only a strained and desperate alliance between the Galactic Alliance and what was then called the Imperial Remnant managed to stave off the freaky nasty invasion.

This does not mean these groups are friends.

The Vong, as a whole, disappeared; and life in this galaxy had returned to something resembling normal.

At least, until about 10 years ago.

A mass of simmering tension culmulated in the Pan-Galactic Summit – in which a terrorist attack – conducted with Vong Biotechnology – coincided with the takeover of the Sith, fracturing of the Jedi Order, and the death of a respected Alliance General.

Welps. Looks like it’s war after all.

The Alliance and The Empire are both still at it, fighting in border skirmishes across the galaxy. Both have their own databases, ship registries, and other manner of bureaucracy – and these don’t always play well with each other.

In addition, the organized crime syndicate known as the Hutt Consortium, and the Perfectly Legitimate Mega-Corporation Hyperspace Ventures have both made their own distinct territory grabs; all the while, a newly resurgent Chiss Ascendancy gathers planets and military strength around the outer rim.

So yes. There’s some consternation.

As such, some have called this the dawn of a golden age of smuggling – because frankly, it’s a lot easier to forge documents when nobody can agree on what the right documents are.

Big galactic politicians are worried about big galactic politics. Most people are worried about more immediate things.

The Jedi Council – split between the Traditionalists and the New Jedi Order – are still around, and both would love nothing more than to be the big-time influence that it was during the height of the Republic; however, most sentients have a pretty low opinion of both the Jedi and the Sith, blaming them for most of the big problems that have plagued the galaxy.

As such, there’s a lot of mysticism, a lot of non-traditional magical traditions gaining hitherto-unseen momentum – as it turns out, The Force doesn’t particularly care who wields it, or how they dress, or what they call themselves. As such, The Dathomiri and The Ashwalkers have found new relevance in a galaxy fed up with the status quo.

It is into this world, that the individuals our tale will focus on are born. Or made, you know – we don’t discriminate against droids.

So the first question that must be asked is, “who do I want to play?” Who your character is, is exponentially more important that what they can do.

So! Let’s get cracking!

Campaign Setting

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