Tag: Nyriaan


  • Prince Bomani Korden

    Charming leader of the Nyrianni nobility; headstrong, and loyal to a fault. One might think this makes him easy to push around - this would be a mistake. He's been front and center in keeping the Empire & Alliance off of Nyriaan.

  • Keelah Xok

    A self-proclaimed member of the "Courtier" caste, young Keelah was born on Nyriaan, raised on Nyriaan, and fought beside [[:prince-bomani-korden | Prince Bomani Korden]] and other heroes in the Nyriaani revolution, shedding her own blood to earn Nyriaan's …

  • Nei Rin

    The primary political force among the Nyrianni Vong, Shaper Nei Rin is somewhat famously laboring to crack the secret of the Yuzhan Vong terraforming biotech, ostensibly to begin undoing the horrors of the Yuuzhan Vong war. Some remain understandably …