Twi'lek Pirate: steals from the rich, and gives to himself.


Captain of the subtly named “Blood Glutton,” Zidane has a reputation for being utterly, some say near-suicidally bold. Whereas most pirates are content to harass merchant freighters, the glutton is frequently seen raiding military transports, bothering the Galactic Alliance, Fel Empire, and even the Chiss Aristocracy.

Smuggling, narcotics, slave trade – if it’s illegal and profitable, he’s got his fingers in it.

He can generally be found anywhere in Hutt space, and while nobody seems quite safe from his attacks, the larger and more organized the target, the more likely he’ll show up.

His recklessness seems only matched by his inexplicable ability to wriggle out of any grasp, no matter how iron-clad it might seem. There are rumors the Empire has placed a non-trivial bounty on his head; representatives from the Fel embassies hold to the policy that the Empire does not employ bounty hunters, but having said that, appreciates any assistance that Imperial citizens might provide in the name of galactic safety.


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