Zax Rondo

Resourceful spacer, living life one step ahead of... pretty much everybody.


Race: Human
Apparent Age: 30-something?

Appearance: Medium height and build, not particularly impressive. Wears a vest and a coat with large, capacious sleeves. Sometimes wears a cape.

Friendly but reserved, seems unconcerned with his surroundings but often manages to have a blaster in his hand when the trouble starts.

From his speech, well educated or at least well read.

Currently serving as quartermaster for the Khelljammer SR-1 and often takes part in security and battle situations.

Current impression of the crew is ‘a quiet little guy who reads a lot and knows how to stock a pantry’.

Caries lots of concealed weapons.


Not much is known currently about Zax other than that he has spent some time in smuggling and is apparently on the enemies list of both an unnamed Hut and the pirate Zidane.

Was outed by the semi-sober Jedi Tomi Sunrider in a Coreliean Bar who seems to know Zax from when they worked in a circus together, before Tomi became a Jedi and before Zax did whatever it was Zax did before shipping out on the Khelljammer. Tomi thinks Zax’s name is actually Darius, possibly because at one time it was, or perhaps because of the level of inebriation exhibited by the Jedi.

During the Khelljammer’s hiatus on Mandalore, Zax slipped off-world again, presumably to keep the number of steps he remains ahead consistently high.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Zax Rondo

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