Winter Khell

From starship captain to sad drunk, and back again. Well, maybe not *all* the way back.


Owner and Captain of the Khelljammer SR-1, Winter favors a democratic approach to decision-making. She does, however, tend toward favoring the ridiculous, dangerous, and offensive side of the idea spectrum.

A longtime fixture in the Sexy Rancor, Winter seemed like little more than the ward drunk. Which, in fairness, she kind of was. She had also at one point flown with Montane, Uriel Sage – and perhaps Zidane – much to the the confusion of young Catri.

The introduction of 31 orphaned little girls seemed to have a sobering effect on her – which, all things being equal, was badly needed – and she seemed resigned to some unspoken agreement with Uriel. To everyone’s surprise, she held a meeting completely sober, wherein she not only agreed to help out the Orphan Squad, but also agreed to take on the gathered collection of vagabonds as her new crew.

Thus far under Winter’s… let’s say unorthodox leadership style, the ’Jammer has flown an interesting, if unsubtle path. This seems unlikely to change.

Winter Khell

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