She's pretty much a starry-eyed dreamer; minus the eyes.


Among the more vocal and outgoing members of the Orphan Squad, Tyrisia (Tyrie to pretty much everybody) is either a little clumsy for her age, or remarkably coordinated for a girl with no eyes.

Human-looking in all other regards, Tyrie has empty sockets where her eyes ought to be. Which is REALLY FRACKING CREEPY not creepy at all, even a little.

Nevertheless, She’s responsible for the crew discovering and freeing Morsie – the strange little girl that Tyrie claims to have dreamed about before Catri and the others released her from carbonite.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the two oddest members of the Squad have become fast friends, with Dange acting as a mentoring figure to them both.

Through it all, Tyrie remains blissfully unaware that not having eyes is pretty disturbing to most everyone. Hilarity ensues.



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