Kes'tri'nuruodo (Trin)

a Chiss diplomat who ran away from home to join the New Jedi Order.


Trin never quite felt like she fit into Chiss society. Whereas her friends and family emphasized affecting a distant, calculating demeanor, she tended to display her heart prominently on her sleeve. Possessing magic Force powers did not really help her blend in either. Trin began studying with the Chiss diplomatic corps when she turned eleven, which is apparently considered the beginning of adulthood in Chiss society. Unfortunately…or perhaps fortunately…her studies began with some field observation at the Pan Galactic Summit. There she met members of the New Jedi Order who had just enough time before the summit spiraled into a farkled disaster to recognize her Force sensitivity. When the smoke cleared the Chiss delegation flew back home one passenger short and the New Jedi gained an initiate.


Kes'tri'nuruodo (Trin)

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