Knight Sunrider

There is no passion, there is serenity, there is no passion, there is serenity, there is no.... eh, frak it.


The Jedi are supposed to be a serene bastion of peace and stability; a calming force (pun!) in the galaxy.

Tomi Sunrider does a bad job of being that guy.

Accompanied by his two Padawans, Kip and Bucky (who are Quarran and Gotal) the Order seems intent on making him suffer through the most troublesome Padawans they had to offer.

This was considered “only fair.”

In his defense, despite being demoted back to the rank of Jedi Knight due to his pretty unequivocally proving that he was not ready for the responsibilities of a Master, as the Jedi Schism hit, Sunrider acquitted himself pretty well, all things being equal. Now a stalwart advocate of the New Jedi Order – despite his former Master joining the Traditionalists – Knight Sunrider now fights to prove that what the galaxy needs from the Jedi is freedom and expression, not isolationist stoicism.

On his best days, he’s inspiring. On his worst… he inspires people to drink.

Knight Sunrider

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