Seth Sage

One-half of the Sage twins, Seth is the creepy-looking, mechanical spider one.


Along with his brother Denton and sister Catri, Seth is one of three Sage kids who’ve taken up with Don’t-Call-Me-Captain-Winter. He’s easy to pick out of a crowd – he was born with legs that never quite developed. But a kid growing up in a mech garage on Nar Shadda doesn’t wind up with a wheelchair, oh no.

Seth’s got a retooled SpiderMech acting as the lower half of his body. This creeps people out, and he is keenly aware of the fact.

Also, not displeased.

He has described his interests as “names and asses: the kicking and taking thereof” – but it’s difficult for him to keep up his ‘creepy cyborg act’ when his sister is ruffling his hair, or his father is throwing a towel over his head.

It is his stated hope that traveling the galaxy will in fact allow him to be seen as the terrifying cyborg merc of people’s nightmares – which, consequently, are his dreams.

But first, he needs to get someone – anyone – to take him seriously.

Seth Sage

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