Smuggler, pilot and possibly destined for great things. Coming to a spaceport near you!


A self-described free trader, Sekua’lask is a Twilek known for her skills and connections in the underworld. A nominal pilot, she has experience with both cargo ships and fighters. Her home planet is Korriban, as her adoptive father is a major smuggler based out of that planet. The only rule she respects is the rule of Sith Queen Mors, to which she always pays her taxes. Everybody else’s laws are followed on a “catch me if you can” basis.


Welcome Aboard

Sekua’lask came aboard after smuggling Dange and herself through two blockades around Constanzia. She spends a lot of time getting friendly with the rest of the crew and setting up business deals. Surprisingly, she seems to get along with Cookie very well. On a recent trip to Nar Shaddaa she had the distinct pleasure to meet with the magnificent Queen Jool and they got along fabulously.

Crisis of Faith

At the end of her visit on Nar Shaddaa, Sekua’lask participated in the ambush on Krayt, her most significant contribution being to turn the bounty hunter Aida Bomani to their side mid-fight. After the fight, she ran the interrogation of Krayt, extracting his entire story about the White Queen, the Rakata, and his “mission.” She then watched as he was vivisected by Sari, contemplating his fate (or destiny?) and seriously questioning her dedication to the Goddess and the Path. Following a period of withdrawal and meditation, as well as some recovering of nerves and removal of nausea, she reaffirmed her faith and willingness to walk the Path, no matter where it led.

Something Witchy

Shortly after that, the Khelljammer made a dashing entrance on Dathomir. The crew became even more of a hit when the witches were offered lovely and deadly crystal snakes as pets, which Sekua and Winter busily sold like Captain Murder vids. Sekua was initially a bit intimidated by the Dathomiri witches, due mostly to her recent theological shakeup, but soon recovered her aplomb and set about the serious business of making money.

During the ritual which reconnected Luke to the force, she had a vision of something, which Luke later told her was the Yuuzhan Vong deity Yun-Shuno, and watched the appearance of his destiny and fate. Her own abilities with the Force dramatically increased due to the incident and standing in a Force nexus during it. She followed this up by blessing Luke’s Path, much to his surprise and confusion. After gifting Ketianna the Grey and the Force-sensitive rancor ambassador with crystal snakes (a particularly large on in the rancor’s case), she departed with the Khelljammer for Nyrrian.

Business As Unusual

Before reaching Nyrrian, the crew sidetracked to a Mandalorian base to make some repairs and upgrades to the ship, after which the engineers and soldiers not departing for Ord Mantel were offered a variety of entertainment and comfort items (for very reasonable prices). That brought the crew a substantial windfall and ensured many good times for the Mandalorian military.

The Khelljammer then joined up with the Mandalorian fleet around Ord Mantel, where the Chiss were busy carpet bombing a section of the planet in a death spiral to kill whatever had freaked them out. Meanwhile, the Galactic Republic and Fel Empire were busy shooting each other out of the sky, but no one paid them much mind. Though unconfirmed, the presence of Vong vines was highly suspected.

A Closer Look

Deciding that more credible intelligence was needed, Sekua’lask departed for the planet in a fighter with CuK1. Navigating through the orbital bombardment with only minor moderate damage, Sekua and CuK1 filmed the bombardment and documented the presence of the Vong vines as they were being exterminated. Sekua’lask picked up movement from a badly damaged droid on the planet’s surface, which CuK1 harpooned and was dragged behind the ship as they speedily escaped from the hotzone (with some destruction of the husk of an Alliance ship in the process).

The Hunt Begins

Back on board the Khelljammer, the rescued protocol droid was divested of lingering vine spores and then disinfected. Once she was back in the droid medical bay and reconnected to the internet, she remembered her name was JANIS and shared her footage of the vines’ explosion and the resulting bombing of the planet. She was put back together while Sekua’lask started activating her network of contacts to discover more information about Etronus, now seen at both the Ord Mantel and Constanzia incidents. After informing Seesha, Queen Jool and other trusted individuals of her desire to speak with Etronus in the very immediate future, she journeyed with the crew to Nyrrian.


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