Nei Rin

Nyrianni Yuzhan Vong, working dilligently on a way to reverse the Vong Terraforming


The primary political force among the Nyrianni Vong, Shaper Nei Rin is somewhat famously laboring to crack the secret of the Yuzhan Vong terraforming biotech, ostensibly to begin undoing the horrors of the Yuuzhan Vong war.

Some remain understandably dubious.

Still, Shaper Nei Rin has been incredibly accessible, is beloved by the people of Nyriaan, and well-represented in galactic affairs by her many advocates. She’s currently extended an open invite to the Vong of the galaxy to make their way to Nyriaan, where they can expect a fair and honest welcome.

This absolutely doesn’t make anybody nervous. Really.

Nei Rin

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