All hail the true queen of the Sith. Or don't, really: she's less with the hailing than most.


Our little Queen Morsie is all grown up; by which it is meant, has reached the age of maturity and claimed the throne of the Sith for herself.

Queen Mors has actually become something of a galactic sweetheart – due to her unexpectedly pleasant demeanor and the fact that she’s a pretty teenage girl – but her reign (all 7 months of it) has been uneventful thus far.


Not much is known about Mors, or “Morsie” as she’s most often called. Stuffed in a smuggler’s compartment with artwork of dubious taste, and hard drugs, Morsie was discovered, and thawed by the crew – thanks in no small part to Tyrie, who wanted to know where “the girl she dreamed about” was.

She has since made it known that she would like to see her mommy. Dante, class act that he is, informed her that her mommy is most likely dead. Little has been determined yet, but with such competent and honorable caretakers looking after her, Mors is probably fraked headed to a completely normal life.


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