A world-weary Duros with a grim sense of humor, running a no-questions-asked clinic operating out of Nar Shadaa's Zapfino Ward.


Welcome to the Clinic. Yeah, that’s the name – don’t want you brainless junkies getting confused. Yeah, we cater mainly to idiots down on their luck. Perhaps unsurprisingly, business is good. Anyway. Montane’s clinic offers top-quality medical care at a fraction of MedTech clinic prices. Care’s top-quality. Promise. No, no really!

Well, it’s quality enough, anyway. The bleeding’s stopped, hasn’t it? Kids these days.

Be sure to sign up for the frequent fryer (as in out of the frying pan, into the) membership card. Yes, it’s an emergency clinic with a loyalty card. Welcome to Nar Shadda, kid – I’d say be careful, but I know better.


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