Master Shanxi

Diminutive Avian Jedi Master. Well, you don't see *that* every day.


Standing all of 2’7, Shanxi is a Mrlssi woman with blue scales, gold eyes, and brilliant sunfire plumage. Quiet, reserved, and gentle; Shanxi is every bit the new-school, post-Skywalker New Order Jedi, who wants everybody to love each other and get along.

Can still flark you up like nobody’s business, as many students will attest to. But all told, one of the nicest ladies… birds… bird-ladies you’d ever want to meet.

You know. If you maybe wanted to meet some of those.

Anyway. After the Jedi Schism, she became a more visible presence as one of the more public members of the Jedi Order, embracing the classic role of diplomat and mediator, even as the Jedi Traditionalists decry her for embodying the emotions – specifically love and compassion – that they feel have led to the Jedi’s decline in galactic favor.

Though in her defense, she kind of thinks they suck. So there’s that.

Master Shanxi

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