Driven to the brink of madness, through insanity and out the other side. What answers remain for a Chiss without the Ascendancy?


Gruff, abrasive, and unabashedly warlike, Mitth’kra’ytuodo – often simply called by his “core name” Krayt – is something of an anomaly, being a lone Chiss apart from the imperium.

He’s killed many times. But some opponents, he can’t wrap his hands around.

Despite professing to be a creature bound purely by honor, Krayt had simply lost his way in life, the the strain of disobeying a direct order from the ascendency proving too great for his heart to bear. By choosing the lives of non-Chiss alien children over the orders of his superiors, his lone source of direction, his moral compass? His entire life shattered in that moment, and the impact seemed to have left his sanity fractured as well.

Wracked with feelings of betrayal, Krayt had pledged himself to the defense of the Orphan Squad, wherever that was going to take him. He assured captain Winter that while the Chiss Imperium may in fact have a price on his head, they were unlikely to send a fleet after him. That seemed good enough for her, and Krayt joined her crew as the primary pilot.

Unfortunately, the cracks in his sanity began to spiderweb.

Following a nervous breakdown, a half-hearted attempt at mutiny, and a wholehearted attempt at suicide via honorable battle, Krayt found himself inexplicably alive, despite his very best efforts – as though the Force was not quite done with him yet. Dejected, he strode off into the distance on Bastion, hoping to leave the Khelljammer behind him in more ways than one.

Krayt has killed many times. But The Force was an opponent he couldn’t get his hands around.



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