Oh, that ship's a character all right. That is to say, she has character. That is to say - she's several hunks of junk slapped together run by a hodgepodge AI that's slowly gaining sentience. And usually piloted under the influnce.


Behold, in all her glory, the Sage Industries Yvette Cruiser Mk. 1.3: also known as the Khelljammer SR-1!

Winter Khell is the owner and operator of this Frankensteinian beauty of a ship. Having been constructed out of no less than two, and no more than seven distinct vessels, the ‘Jammer can essentially be described as what happens when you mash a Corellian Corvette together with a YT series – or rather, a very large interpretation of a Y-series transport – sprinkle with love, and link the whole thing to run on slaved droid systems, patched into an AI made up of several different ship interfaces, Isiah Sage’s personal logs, and its time interacting with an almost certainly homicidal RoBartender.

What could go wrong?

As it turns out, plenty.

Her current Crew:

Captain Winter Khell – Don’t call her Admiral; Calls (and drinks) the shots
Catri Sage – Chief Medical Technician, Engineer, and den mother/voice of reason.
Senator Dante Organa – Chief Gunner, or if you prefer, Officer in charge of blowing everything to a million fracking pieces. Sometimes substitutes as diplomat when Winter is more drunk out of her mind than usual blowing the problem up is not the most advantageous solution.
Daphne Talon-Eshka’Jeg – Technically the ship’s Quartermaster, Daphne also subs in as a pilot, astrogator, intelligence officer and mascot.
Orion Sage – Pilot, navigator, and part of the engineering corps that struggles to keep the bird aloft keeps the ‘jammer running smoothly.
Julius Min – Bounty Officer, Duelist, latest attempt at instilling something like a ’moral code.’


Denton Sage – Intergalactic man of mystery mischief. Can fake being an Engineer or Pilot in dire emergencies.
Seth Sage – Fake Engineer #2, solves all problems that are best suited to a cybernetic spider’s skill set.
Gwynn Medical assistant
Arla Medical assistant
CuK1 Alpha – Interface droid, responsible for managing slave AI systems and firing ruining the main gun.
T07-ST “Toast” – Utility droid, Chief Breakfast Officer


Aida Bilal Bomani – Bounty Officer, only one willing to point guns at kids, should the need arise.
Dange Zelnoa – Chaplain, which means he got stuck talking to all the magical weirdos. Fitting, as he was apparently THE DARK LORD OF THE SITH!
Grenn Idore – Communications Officer who doesn’t talk much. In the running for potentially sane crew member.
Krayt – Helmsman, Pilot, token mentally unstable blue guy.
The Orphan Squad – Committee in charge of the ship’s adorability quotients. Chaos engineers.
Tereez Eshka’Jeg – Navigator, Astrogator, Information Officer and possibly mascot. Went all Sithy. Still a nice dude.
Zax Rondo – Quartermaster, maker of deals; possibly only sane crew member in record.


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