Ketannia the Gray

Four-armed Champion of Balance


It’s not easy being the Champion of Balance. Keeping the world in order is bad enough under normal circumstances, but as the chosen warrior of the Ashwalker’s ideal of The Balanced Force, well, it’s a lot to live up to.

Balance. Focus.

What with a galaxy on the brink of war, Jedi and Sith trying to tear each other apart, and a litter of cubs at home (Codru-Ji children are pretty much six-limbed, furry little hurricanes,) Ketianna has to fight and claw her way for every blessed moment of peace that might accidentally drift her way, each rare chance to stop and think.

Of course, the resurgence of the Vong, who might be damn well anywhere now, the Chiss Ascendency openly talking about taking over whole sectors of the galaxy, and the man who in all likelihood murdered her mentor being hailed as a galactic savior, well…

Balance. Focus. Be at peace. Balance. FOCUS, gorram it all! BALANCE! INNER KARKING PEACE!

Ketianna does not feel like a very good champion of balance today.

Ketannia the Gray

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