Keelah Xok

Bashful, determined, patriotic and adorable. A fine representative of the Nyriaani government. Wait, she's a WHAT?!?!


A self-proclaimed member of the “Courtier” caste, young Keelah was born on Nyriaan, raised on Nyriaan, and fought beside Prince Bomani Korden and other heroes in the Nyriaani revolution, shedding her own blood to earn Nyriaan’s independence from the Fel Empire. Soft-spoken, and more than a little shy, Keelah is nevertheless one of the heroes of the revolution, and is proud to represent her people to the galactic community. Only one problem:

She’s a Yuuhzan Vong.

Descended from a member of the “Jeedai Heresy,” Keelah and about a million (give or take) other Yuuzhan Vong refugees took, well, refuge on Nyriaan after the war.

But now, as the Nyriaani Yuuhzan take their first faltering steps into the spotlight, it’s lady Xok who gets to bear the brunt of a galaxy’s unresolved aggression.

Hutt bookies currently have 10:1 odds that she makes it back to Nyriaan alive.

UPDATE: people lost money.

Keelah Xok

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