Grenn Idore

It's always the quiet ones...


An Umbaran of a somewhat purplish hue, Grenn was caught up in the events on Nar Shadda alongside Dange and the rest.

A quiet sort, who keeps to herself, Winter decided that she, of all people, should be the Khelljammer’s communications officer.

This went about as well as could be expected.

After the multi-talented Tereez Eshka’Jeg signed on however, she found herself being asked to function in her capacity as Com officer much less frequently.

She had since been “promoted” to Executive Officer, acting in Winter’s stead when the captain is ashore. She has remained a calming influence, a voice of reason, and a stable XO.

But it’s a “promotion” in quotes, as she was certainly not being paid any more than before.

In the tumult leading up to the Pan-Galactic Summit, Idore skulked off away from the crew on Bastion, perhaps sensing the bedlam that was to come.

Grenn Idore

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