It's pronounced... I guess "zix - set" is as close as we're going to get. It's okay! I'm Flexible!


A former Alliance Senatorial Page, the Verpine named Fxz’Et spent two years in the entourage of Senator Organa, desperate to escape his (Fxz’Et is primarily male-identifying) boring, mundane life on Coruscant.

When Organa left to join the crew of the ‘Jammer, the lure of intergalactic adventure was too strong to resist, and Fxz’Et did his best to tag along.

This was accomplished mainly through a series of self-depricating, humiliating attempts to be interesting and/or useful. This was eventually settled by Daphne (jokingly?) declaring him her new… let’s say toy.

Yep, things sure were looking up for Fxz’Et, yessir.


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