Denton Sage

One-half of the Sage twins, Denton is one who's not a spider. He has other traits too!


When Uriel Sage referred to “idiot sons,” that usually meant the twins. (Jacob was “trouble-making son”)

If it’s fast, experimental, and dangerous, Denton can usually be found riding it. He likes to say that this applies to vehicles too, not just women.

This is usually when Catri throws something at his head.

Denton holds the unique distinction of being one of the few sentients observed hitting on Winter and walking away afterward. Or, well, being pulled away in pieces by his brother for his sister to patch up on the sly.

Upon joining Winter’s crew, she reportedly gave him a condition – namely, repeat offenses would likely involve him getting further acquainted with the airlock.

The race between Seth and Denton to see who can get in more trouble is as (un)healthy as ever.

Denton Sage

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