Daphne Talon-Eshka'Jeg

The kid did good, grew up right. Tricky, when you're raised by a Smuggler and a Sith Assassin.


Part of the Orphan Squad, little Daphne was originally notable for a few things.

  • Being the one who was brave enough to approach the angry blue guy when he first showed up
  • Having the moxy to ask him to his face if he was going to kill them
  • Blaster fight be damned: she wanted to know where the bathroom was!
  • And her hair is knotted and dreadlocked – it does actually kinda look like a mass of snakes

The gruffness of their first interactions notwithstanding, little Daphne seems to have decided the blue guy is all right – initially, she tended to show this by clinging to his leg whenever possible, much to his irritation, and occasional bout of irrational rage. It was tough on Daphne. Really, all she wanted was a family; to be loved by somebody.

Was that so strange?

Everything changed when the puppy navigatorarrived. Little Daphne and he got along just fine. They even made a little sling, so that Daphne could traipse around with him – like a backpack just for her!

After that, she wanted to do everything that Tereez did – fix computers, navigate, and knife fight with the force.

Somehow, this ended up being ok.

Daphne Talon-Eshka'Jeg

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