Dante Organa/Infurnace

He's less chaotic but will still kill you if you tick him off


Age: 24ish
Height: Average
Weight: Also average
Race: Human
Occupation: Diplomat Oh God why? Tosser of explode-y things


Durable clothes
x1 Blaster Rifle
Diplomat’s badge
Durable clothes
Portable shield generator
Glove of doom

Known skills:
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Rapid shot
Surprise Attack
Fast Stealth

Trained in the use of a pistol.
As far as the crew knows he is trained in the use of space turrets. Although how much of this is dumb luck and how much is training not even he knows

Talking and pissing off everyone in earshot at the same time. (Has become better about this)
Causing general, albeit more controlled, usually havoc.
Extremely flexible morals.


Level 0
Noxious gas

Level 1

Thermal detonator
Sonic grenade

Level 2

Glove of Doom

Explanation re: Glove of Doom for those not Killstring:

It works in a manner similar to Firesphere Instead of a magical ball of fire, Dante throws a group of spherical mini droids. Said droids are controlled via a wrist mounted computer he has to input code into to get them to move (as his move action). When one makes contact with an enemy, it explodes dealing 3d6. This pattern continues until all the thrown droids are exploded. They can be taken out by water or anything generally hazardous to droids or if Dante is for whatever reason rendered unable to control them.


“Ever notice how those we regard as honorable fighters tend to be dead? There’s a reason for that. They fought with honor instead of fighting to win.” -Dante Organa.

(Details subject to approval)

It’s been five years since the incident at the Galactic Summit. Dante, due to the actions of his Vong impersonator, was now thrust into the role of Senator, much to the horror of basically everyone on the Jammer, including his own.

Surprisingly, he did not try to weasel his way out of it. Detractors (of which there was no small number) say that was because he couldn’t find anymore Vong. But truthfully, he didn’t want to. Yes the kid who endangered the Galaxy by handing over a position of power to a Vong to go get drunk with Winter Khell, jumped into his role, and not always for personal gain. The otherwise unwilling Dante had answered the call to his own adventure (with some coaxing from his Captain). He had a purpose: Stopping the Vong.

His first task was to get some new ships made in additions to the ones his doppelganger got made in his plot to get the Empire and Republic to kill each other. And these included Khelljammers on the grounds that every other faction and their grandmother was soon to have them. A good sized amount of these masses of guns and engines were put into production at his insistence as well as his father’s (They had managed to… Not quite clear the air, but were approaching making said air breathable).

His second item on the agenda was getting the military better training. He was an invaluable resource in helping the Republic master the ‘Jammer since he was on board and learned a lot about it and Winter’s tactics, which brought him to his next point. In his view, the Republic had become too much like the Empire: A big lumbering machine. He believed that the only way the Republic could stand against the Vong was to get back to their roots. Get back to the guerrilla tactics, adaptability, and craziness that won them victory over Palpatine.

To that end, many recruits were selected for a new training program. Instead of the standard military discipline and ability to follow orders and formations emphasized in the normal training program, the Organa program emphasized thinking outside the box (then throwing a thermal detonator at it). This so called “Organa Corps” made themselves known quickly in many skirmishes between the factions, turning the tides of many battles, breaking stalemates with decisive hit and run attacks, and general ballsiness.

Step three did not go well. He tried to tell the Senate and the military that fighting over random planets and engaging in unending pissing contests with the Empire was not productive or good for anyone long term. He called for peace among the faction until the Vong matter could be resolved However, they seemed uninterested in what the new kid on the block had to say. Dante, disillusioned (moreso than usual) with the Senate, decided not to seek re-election and in his final speech, ripped the Senate saying: “You people annoy me. You care more about waging wars over planets with limited value than about a group of fanatics who want to kill everyone and nearly succeeded in doing that at least once. Sure, my hands aren’t clean in this matter too, but at least I’m trying to fix my mistakes. Which is more than anyone can say for you.”

The speech won him no new friends in the Senate, but it won him some friends among the Mandalorians who fall in the “kill the Vong” camp. With some influence from his father, he became the Diplomat to the Mandalorians since they and Dante got along well together.

As of now, he travels on the ‘Jammer as a mercenary, still kicking ass and taking names, albeit slightly more diplomatically. However, he knows they’ll be back soon. Privately he wonders if he did enough to prepare the Republic.

Dante Organa/Infurnace

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