Dange Zelnoa - Darth Ploro

A Zabrak wielder of the dark side, one-time murderer-turned-Ashwalker, now Ashwalker-turned-Dark-Lord.


Little is known about Dange Zelnoa’s past – and he seems to like it that way. As near as anyone can tell, no records exist of Zelnoa prior to appearing in a Corellian security report, detailing an incident in 104 ABY, in which he purportedly talked three armed thugs into giving up their wicked ways – after breaking one of their arms in three places. He has shown up on various worlds since, speaking of the Balanced Force. It’s been said that he demonstrates characteristics of the Ashwalkers, although he has denied any attachment with the group beyond being a fellow disciple of Balance.

Zelnoa claims to be a real people person – something which remains an unconfirmed rumor, what with the apparent murder of ne’er-do-wells with thermal detonators. There is, however, one exception. In spite of no small amount of frustrations on his first encounter with the Sages and company, he seems to have some affection – or, at very least, protective instinct – for two of the girls who have so adeptly made his life just that much more complicated. And he had just been settling into his reputation as the crazy guy upstairs who talks to himself..

Of late, Zelnoa has been showing an increasingly severe dislike of the Jedi as a whole, and perhaps more specifically of the pair of Jedi who seem to be showing up wherever he goes. Furthermore, his strictly-held exterior of calm and control is starting to fray at the edges – His long-held conservative usage of his Force abilities seems to be eroding, with use of the Force becoming his answer to problems he would have previously seen as far too mundane to merit it. Although he has thusfar maintained the relative secrecy of his abilities, it seems only a matter of time before that changes, particularly if he continues his newly-established tendency to make use of Force abilities on his allies as well as those he might consider enemies.

And then, of course, there is another minor detail: it has recently come to light that he is, in fact, the long-missing Sith Lord, Darth Ploro, meaning that, in addition to being a somewhat mysterious member of the crew, he is responsible for the deaths of a significant percentage of the Ashwalker ranks, as well as enough of the Jedi Knights to have triggered a desperate recruiting effort. These days, however, he seems to be somewhat less concerned with the wholesale murder of opposing force users, and has set his sights on the Sith themselves, working to wrest power from the hands of those who he feels have turned the Sith into little more than a group of S&M sideshow freaks.

Fortunately, even paranoid, washed up Sith Lords have good days sometimes. And Dange happened upon a very, very good day. One, in fact, in which he took his plan for the Sith to the public arena, gained public support for the plan, pushed the public support further by functionally saving the lives of a few thousand dignitaries, and deposed the Dark Lord of the Sith in armed combat. All in about the time it would take that useless Jedi Sunrider to trip over his own lightsaber, and without having to publicize Mors’s claim to the Sith throne.

Yes, Dange found himself a very good day. Too bad you never get two of those in a row…


The Strange Tale of Darth Ploro the Lost

A ruthless Sith inquisitor, known for his mystical prowess – while Ploro’s lightsaber wasn’t entirely for show per se, it was pretty much for show. When everything around you is choking, electrocuted, being flung into walls, and gripped in supernatural terror – to use just one horrified eyewitness example – cutting them up is a little overkill.

Not that Ploro was ever anything but overkill.

His current whereabouts are unknown – rumors exist that he confronted Randis Torne, founder of the The Ashwalkers in combat – likely due to the fact that both of them went off the Galactic radar within a year or so of each other, setting off conspiracy theorists around the galaxy.

Current theories include Ploro being killed by a heroic Torne’s last act, vice versa minus the heroism, Torne actually being Ploro in disguise, or the Ashwalkers and Sith being allied in some manner.

There exist those who insist that this is silly, and maintain that no one even knows if either is actually dead – but those are far less exciting to forward on in holomail, so they’ve received less attention.

If Ploro is still alive, whatever he’s planning is likely big, and certainly painful.

-This, at least, turned out to be quite accurate.

Something resembling the truth!

When Inquisitor Zelnoa – or as he’d recently been christened, Darth Ploro – descended upon Master Torne’s enclave, he found it almost shamelessly ill-protected. The helpful acolytes were all too keen to his story: a stray Sith (as it was pointless to try and hide what he was, especially around so many Force sensitives) who was seeking the wisdom of the Ashwalkers; trying to discover the Balanced Force on his own?

It was almost too easy.

After they had led him to Randis Torne’s private meditation chambers, Dange/Ploro disposed of the young acolytes with little trouble – the shock in their eyes at his betrayal was borderline precious.

Torne sat cross-legged, his back to the inquisitor, doing little to acknowledge his presence, other than a mild sigh, followed by a soft-spoken “they were little more than children, Sith.”

They were weak, Dange retorted; thus deserving of their fate. Torne just shook his head, rising slowly. “I suppose you’ll be expecting dramatics,” he said, an air of resignation palpable around him as he punched a key on his datapad.

“Attention Ashwalkers, this is Randis Torne. I’m only going to say this once: leave. Stop what you’re doing, and board the shuttles right now – the Sith Lord Darth Ploro is here. I’ll hold him off while you escape – may you be with the Force.”

He dropped the datapad with an almost bored, exasperated look, asking “happy now?” The Sith grinned, which all things considered, was probably the appropriate response.

The fight was difficult – the old man fought very defensively, which made it hard to gain any real ground on him. About the time the last shuttle had departed, he seemed distracted enough that his damnably frustrating guard dropped for just a second.

A second was all the Sith needed, his lightning finally surging past the Ashwalker’s Lightsaber, and frying him to a satisfying crisp. Or that seemed to be the case, anyway – he’d pulled the infuriating Jedi trick of disappearing, leaving only singed robes behind in a blinding flash of light.

An entire day would pass before Dange regained consciousness. A full week before he regained use of his body. It wasn’t that he was injured, so much as paralyzed. More specifically, he was no longer master of his own body – indeed, he wasn’t even the sole resident any more.

And thus began the unlikely journey of Dange Zelnoa.

Dange Zelnoa - Darth Ploro

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