CuK1 Prime

The actual new owner of the Sexy Rancor, champion of Droid independence, and maker of Nar Shadda's best martini.


The first Sage Industries droid to carry the Cu-K1 designation, the droid who would one day become “Cookie Prime” was given to Winter Khell to aid in the running of her newly-acquired den of iniquity, The Sexy Rancor – which included keeping her safe as she picked up the pieces of her life.

Or, as it turned out, drank a lot.

So, a very helpful RoBartender, fashioned out of an old re-purposed war droid, and given a naturally inquisitive AI – well, it didn’t take long for Cookie – as young Catri had dubbed him, to start becoming an independent, sentient AI.

He has since gained actual ownership of the Rancor, complete with a lazy, good-for-nothing scoundrel to act like the owner when those organic-centric activists come by. He has also nurtured something akin to a family structure in the small droid army that runs said bar, helping to “awaken to sentience” three proteges: whom he dubbed Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

CuK1 Alpha was dubbed thus by the self-christened CuK1 Prime, and entrusted to the crew of the Khelljammer.

Prime has expressed pride in his “son,” and has wished him well.

CuK1 Prime

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