Corrin Vel

the Sage Twins' childhood best friend...need I say more?


Corrin is a Twi’lek fracking nerf-brained sithspawn youth who works for his father Ardon Vel’s smuggling operation completely legal, not at all suspicious trade business based in the Zapfino Ward of Nar Shadaa. He proved that trouble does indeed come in threes upon entering elementary school when he became fast friends with Denton Sage and Seth Sage . The three have been following each other into trouble ever since. Corrin’s talent for getting into trouble is only matched by his profound ability to talk or fight his way back out of it. He could sell hair-growing tonic to a wookie.

Corrin is very proud of the number of points he has accumulated on his clinic membership card and also enjoys the fact that many of the points represent another opportunity he had to annoy his best friends’ little sister (Somehow he never quite believes her when she tells him she’ll sew his head-tails together if he calls her Kitty Cat again).

Over the last few years Corrin has come home from his various “business trips” bragging about his exploits of adventure and intrigue. Catri is fairly sure he made most of the stories up, but it was still only a matter of time before Corrin’s stories (true or not) pushed Denton and Seth to venture out into the stars seeking adventures of their own.

The various members of the Sage family have mixed feelings about Corrin, but they can all agree on how they feel about his father. Ardon Vel is a slimy, sometimes violent, skeez who would (and probably did) sell his own mother to slavers for a profit. He only kept his son around because he could get work out of him one day, and Corrin is fully aware of this. Thus Uriel Sage allowed Corrin to spend a lot of time (probably far too much time) around his machine shop/home and his kids when the boys were growing up because it was a frell of a lot better than sending him home.

Corrin Vel

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