a precoicious, organized Twi'lek child who has decided to pursue a career in medicine


Race: Twi’lek
Gender: female
Age: 21


Arla started out her life with the Khelljammer crew by telling the other girls of The Orphan Squad that they risked falling to the Dark Side if they did not form a single file line when walking to the ship . This passion for organization and order has persisted even amidst the chaos of life on the ship. While most of The Orphan Squad spend their free time practicing with stun batons, cultivating pickpocketing skills, and causing general mayhem Arla can be found reading,playing with her best friend Gwynn, or trying to keep the schoolroom and its inhabitants organized.

After a few weeks on the ship Arla decides to find a way to be useful. She and Gwynn approach Winter to ask where they can help. Winter sends them to helpCatri Sagein the medical bay. Arla takes to the job immediately and badgers Catri with questions and requests for reading material. Once she has satisfied her initial curiosity she proves herself to be a wonderful apprentice. Arla hopes to continue learning medicine in the ship’s med bay the same way Catri learned in Montane’s clinic.


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