Aida Bilal Bomani

Is this a problem that can't be solved by pointing my blaster at it? Fine, I'll point the other one too.


She’s not a smuggler. She’s a treasure hunter, thank you kindly. She gets paid, and will handle herself in a professional manner.

Pointing guns at things is part of her profession. Get used to it.

Serving on the newly christened Khelljammer as both a gunner, and as the sole licensed bail bondsperson/fugitive collection agent… eh, as the ship’s Bounty Hunter, Aida is always down for a diplomatic solution.

Pay in advance, and there’s no reason we can’t all be diplomatic about this.

Left the crew of the SR-1 after things went to frell on Dathomir. Her current whereabouts are… constantly on the move; as Bomani remains one of the galaxy’s most in-demand bounty hunters.

Aida Bilal Bomani

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