Star Wars: The Legacy of Some Other Guys

Season II: Episode 2


Welcome to the Jungle!

(You’re going to get price-gouged)

In which our heroes…

  • Dock at Dathomir’s biggest tourist trap!
  • Turn one data cube and one smuggler into FAT STACKS OF CASH MONEY!
  • Negotiate for potential future jobs with Some Jerk Who Wouldn’t Show His Face!
  • Head off to see The Dathomiri Witches!
  • Learn the untold secret of combating Vong Terraforming!
  • Make a mess and drink ALL THE THINGS!

Now, with what might be the Galaxy’s sauciest research scientist in tow, the ‘jammer is returning to Constancia – or what’s left of it – to acquire a live sample of the terraforming tech, in hopes that Sari can formulate something vaguely resembling a countermeasure.

The Khelljammer placing their hopes in the hands of some mystic they just met? That’s always gone pretty well in the past…


killstring killstring

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