Star Wars: The Legacy of Some Other Guys

Season II: Episode 1

A New Dawn

Excitement! Adventure! Frustrating Hyperspace Chases!

In which our heroes…

  • Chase a Y-class Freighter certainly in possession of uncertain documents!
  • Stumble into the middle of a border skirmish between the Fel Empire and Galactic Alliance!
  • Don’t even get shot down – though the same cannot be said for their quarry!
  • Chase said mercs to the surface, and eventually retrieve the data!
  • Live happily ever after Narrowly escape a Vongform Bomb – the first seen in the core in decades!

Now, with the threat of a resurgent Yuzhan Vong apparent, the Khelljammer heads to Dathomir to deliver their cargo, and warn the galaxy.

At least the bits they care about.


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