Star Wars: The Legacy of Some Other Guys

Season 2.5; episode oh goddess what happened?

So that was a thing.

When Sari, Dange Zelnoa – Darth Ploro, Knight Sunrider, Anzhelika and others decide to really go for it, and see what happens when you try to perma-connect a Vong to The Force.

The answer?




After that, the crew headed out toward Nyriaan, making a slight detour through Mandalorian space. That slight detour got lengthened when there seemed to be a Mandalorian fleet amassing in orbit around Taris. Why? Well, the Chiss Ascendancy had requested 1 fleet, to provide assistance at Ord Mantell, and were kind enough to pay 3/4 in advance.

After some brief retrofitting, and a certain smooogle acquiring a pile of credits, the ‘jammer sped off to investigate. What did they find? Rumors of a WMD of some sort being deployed, the Fel Empire and Galactic Alliance at each other’s throats, a blockade – the ensuing scene was eerily reminiscent of Constancia.

The difference in this case, being the Chiss Armada and the Mandalorian fleet utterly surrounding the planet, shooting down anyone trying to leave, and generally enforcing a blockade.

Oh, also? Burning everything in a 500-kilometer radius around the suspected ground zero. Attempting to vaporize everything, in a near-geometric circle, within 20 minutes. Brisk. Efficient. Angry.

The Chiss are certainly acting like they’ve seen this before.


killstring killstring

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