Star Wars: The Legacy of Some Other Guys

Episode Three

Adventures in commerce

(Still a work in progress guys, bear with me)

Hyperspace! Who doesn’t like going to hyperspace, I’d like to know. Catri certainly didn’t seem to mind, as this gave her opportunity to grill Winter on that whole Mandalorian thing.

Winter told her that yes, she was Mandalorian – part of the Khell clan, as though that wasn’t obvious. She mentioned being adopted in, which is hardly uncommon in Mandalorian culture, and made passing reference to the three splinter clans that had been involved in the Vong Purge, a crusade to hunt down the remaining Yuzhan Vong groups still troubling the galaxy a few decades ago. Those clans were Khell, Sage, and Coto. As near as Winter knew, Uriel and his brood were the last of the Sage clan, and she was the last of the Khell. The clan Coto had been completely obliterated.

Uriel had apparently been encouraging Winter to piece her life back together for some time, a revamped ship, coupled with potentially adopting the Orphan Squad into the Khell Clan had been enough to rouse her, having spent an undisclosed amount of time on Nar Shadda after the Vong Purge. Uriel, Montane, and Winter had all arrived on Nar Shadda around the same time back then. Winter again asked if Uriel hadn’t told her any of this, and upon hearing a repeated “no,” wasn’t sure if she should go any further, or if this was something for Catri to hash out with her dad.

Catri was left with even more questions, but didn’t press Winter any further – after all, there was apparently a dry martini calling Winter’s name.

The Khelljammer touched down on Duro, and the crew proceeded to mix through the crowds of the famed shipbuilder’s planet. While there…

  • Zax acquired consignment cargo of semi-precious gems and overstocked ship parts, while keeping the docking officials engaged in talking shop about the new Sage Engineering Yvette cruisers – perhaps unsurprisingly, a docking official on a world of starship engineers was a big-time ship geek – and this worked like a charm, keeping them from snooping around and finding things they perhaps ought not.
  • Tereez was all about finding things he perhaps ought not, and proceeded to make friends with a local noble looking to boost his stock, literally. Since the government of Duro was intricately tied to the global corporation, and political power was directly tied to how much stock in DuroCorp one holds, finding someone who dabbled in the spice trade wasn’t too hard. Tereez managed to push a significant portion of spice for creds, connections, and a little primer course on how to refine raw spice into glitterstim, a psychic phenomena-inducing narcotic, that moves for higher prices.
  • Krayt and some others parlayed their new found wealth into some badly-needed ship upgrades – reinforcing armor joints, adding functional shields, and getting a few more turrets online. Much to CuK1’s chagrin, the front turbolaser was not repaired.
  • Catri actually ran into someone who desperately needed their shipment of prototype Bacta tanks to be delivered, what with the freighter slated to transport them having been decommissioned after a pirate attack. Catri showed them the Khelljammer, and the formidable (looking) ship, combined with the Mandalorian pedigree, convinced the agent that this was his best bet. Catri managed to turn this into a deal where the cargo was delivered, for the price of one tank. Not wanting to lose the whole shipment to pirates, being pressed for time and already behind schedule, the agent agreed.

While loading the cargo onboard, Catri was asked where they were taking it. Embarrassed that she hadn’t even asked, she looked down at the manifest.

Bastion, capitol of The Fel Empire. No big deal, right?

Looking at their destinations (after a non-trivial quantity of liquor and various lethal poisons were loaded for Winter’s private stock) the crew decided that it would be in everybody’s best interest to dump their stock of narcotics before hitting up the Empire – you know, since they’d just punched a hole in one of their flagships, and all. So, they charted the following course:

Corellia, Dathomir, Bastion, and finally Mon Calamari.

Off to Correlia they went hoping that the busy intergalactic hub would have what they needed. Upon arriving, Winter tasked the crew with two objectives: First, dump the remainder of their spice. Two, get caught up on galactic events. Three, leave her the frell alone as she went to meet with some contacts.

  • Tereez went to work right quick, and headed back to the ship to continue working on glitterstim refinement.
  • But not before working with Dante to hatch a fiendish plot. The plot was basically A: Hire two male prostitutes for Krayt without his consent or foreknowldege. B: give them a room and an hour. C: ??? D: Profit?

This ended with everybody feeling pretty well degraded, Dante & Tereez included.

  • Aida made friends with the local Hutt, a jovial fella named Rolo, who had trouble distinguishing what gender Aida was supposed to be, Hutts being hermaphroditic and all.
  • Zax was spotted, and waved over by an old acquaintance of his, who turned out to be drunker than perhaps was warranted. He also turned out to be Content Not Found: master-sunrider, whom Dange had met on Nar Shadda, flanked by what would seem to be the two Padawan who started the firefight during the blockade. They looked to be no more than 11, probably closer to 9.
  • Dange felt the Jedi were following them. Sunrider was three sheets to the wind. Tereez came back, one of his experiments in the Force-enabling glitterstim having literally blown up in his face. Hillarity ensued.
  • Tomi recognized Zax – though he called him “Darius” – from his time as a circus performer, prior to joining the Jedi order.
  • Through a series of compounding misunderstandings, one of Tomi’s Padawans, a young Quarran he called “Kip” – though he insisted his name was Qel D’kosh – was sent to talk to Dange, whom little Qel was not entirely certain wasn’t a Sith Lord. Some nervous hijinks later, and Dange had taken Sunrider’s lightsaber from Qel, so he didn’t hurt himself, Master Hondo arrived to apologize for his idiot friend, and there was much glaring all around.
  • Dange attempted to find where Mors and Tyrisa had gone off to, by sensing the various force signatures in his immediate surroundings. He pinpointed Mors, but gathering his bearings was difficult, due to a signature flaring up every few moments from Tereez, whom had apparently been having some success with the spice refining after all. Frustrated with the constant interruptions, Dange attempted to telepathically influence the Bothan, sending a message of how very not on the ship Tereez was, and how tragic that fact must be.
  • The Zabrak might have put a bit too much into that, however, as between his growing frustration, and Tereez’s edging closer to a full-on hallucination, these two actions intersected in a psychedelic journey of magical, force-propelled wonderment. What are the odds?

About one in twenty, as it turns out.


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