Star Wars: The Legacy of Some Other Guys

2.5, Episode Next

That escalated quickly


It works better when you’re the ambusher. Kadj Drellus did his part as bait, and the crew found themselves face-to-face with a couple old crewmembers; Krayt, who had hired several mercenaries, including one Aida Bilal Bomani, who as it turns out, wasn’t particularly thrilled with the job she’d taken, and switched sides.

It turns out that Krayt was the trigger-man on Constancia, and that wasn’t even the thing that most angered the crew.

Things of note!

  • Krayt be all kinds of dead. It’s not pretty, don’t ask.
  • Before this happened, he talked all kinds of crazy talk – Some crazy smuggler’s haven on a comet, the apparent return of the Rakata, and plenty else.
  • The Yuuzhan Vong in question, Zelta (and her little son Harlan) seem to have the amazing power of being able to elicit sympathy from the people most famous for hunting Vong.
  • The Crew has traveled to Dathomir, filling in Anzhelika on events, and picking up Luke Shai, of all people!
  • This last part will be interesting, we promise.


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